1. Lavoisier
  2. Joeseph Black
  3. Charles Augustin de colomb

Antoine Lavoisier


Dates: August 26, 1743 till May 8, 1794
Discovery time period: French revolution
Discovered: Oxygen and Hydrogen as well as writing the first list of elements
Law of conservation of mass

When Lavoisier started some of the experiments chemistry was just starting to become recognized. Characteristics of alkalis and acids were known and could be used during this time. He also created the phlogiston theory.
That is :
air + X = phlogisticated air (Nitrogen)
air - X = dephlogisticated air (oxygen)


The other theory he made was the Theory of Combustion

Joseph Black

Discovery time period:17th century
Discovery: CO2, balance

Black discovered the compound CO2, because when he experimented with charcoal he found the end result weiged less that what he had started with. This led him to think that it was a gas given off. He then found when ice melts it doesnt take in heat, or change the temperature of ice. The other invention he had was a fulcrum balance with weights on on side. This balance was more accurate than any other at the time.

Charles Augustin de coulomb


Charles Coulomb is known for discovering Coulombs law and the SI unit of charge. Coulombs law is the attraction of particles that are electrically charged. There are two electric charges that describe the magnitude of the force between the two particles.