Mole Map instructions: You are going to create a mole map. It wil look like a tournament bracket of sorts. The units on the left and right will be grams, kJ, L of gas at STP, L of solution, molecules, and atoms. The units will focus down to 1 place which will have moles A as the units. It will then go to Moles B. Then you'll expand back out to each of the units that we started with. Above each line you'll write what to multiply by to change from one unit to another. The goal is to do make it so you can use this map any time you have to solve a complicated stoich problem.

When specific conversion factors have proper names please label them.

Use the following reaction. Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and water decompose into NaOH and carbond dioxide.

Convert the following:
325g Na2CO3 into L of CO2
2L of 2.5M solution Na2CO3 into grams of NaOH
55.42 L of CO2 into moles of Na2CO3
5g Na2CO3 into a 5L solution of X molar NaOH (find the molarity)
3 Moles of NaOH into moles of CO2
69.4g Na2CO3 into molecules and atoms of CO2.