Myers Briggs- ENTP The Inventor
Enneagram- 8 The Leader

Born in Worcester, MA September 18th 1979

I'm a third generation chemist. My Great Grandfather immagrated from Hungary. My grandfather earned his pharmacists lisence, and opened a pharmacy in New Jeresey. My father majored in chemistry at Princeton before earning his MD and specializing in oncology. My mother worked in development departments at many different schools and NGOs helping them to raise funds. I have one older brother who is dedicating his professional career to teaching history using technology like Wikis, Blogs, etc...

I was married on 8/3/02 to my wife Alene. We have no kids.

Here are the schools I've attended.

Fay School -1989-1994

High School-
Concord Academy 1994-1998*
Thacher School 1995*
Maine Coast Semester Fall 1996

Bates College- BS Chemistry 1998-2001
Texas A&M University PhD Chemistry, Advisor Dr. S. A. Miller 2001-2005
BASF 2005-2007
Lawrence Academy 2008
Natick High School 2007-2008
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 2008-
Baystate Biofuels, LLC 2008-

A cool fact about my PhD lineage is that I can trace my PhD advisors back to Emil Erlenmeyer (1825-1909).

I have a Newfoundland girl named Baroness von Bear Thorchild. We just call her Bear. Her cranium looks even larger than in this photo.