1. Wilhelm Rotgen
  2. Marie Curie
  3. Henri Becquerel

Wilhelm Rotgen


Dates:March 27, 1845- February 10, 1923
Discovery time period: 1895
Discovery: crooks tube/ x-rays

Rontgen discovered that the crooks tube gives off cathode rays which are electrons. He covered the crooks tube with cardboard to block the light from the charge going through. He then had a X-Ray taken of his wifes hand which is shown above which is transparent through the sheet.

Marie Curie

Discovery time period:1898 world war I
Discovery: Radioactivity

Curie was the first person to recieve both nobel peace prizes in chemistry and physics. From one ton of pitchblende which is a type of dirt, one tenth of a gram of radium chloride was seperated. The radon seperated was used in world war I. She later died from aplastic anemia which most think was caused by the radiation affects which were not then known.

Henri Becquerel

Dates:December 1852- Auggust 25, 1908
Discovery time period: 1896
Discovery: Radioactivity

He decided to investigate the connection between x-rays and phosphoresence. The light given off was a property of the uranium atom. He said that the phosporesence could be delected by electric or magnetic fields. For this finding Becquerel was awarded half the nobel piece prize and the second half to Marie Curie.