• Leucippus
  • Democrittus
  • Isaac Newton



Leucippus was born in Elea Greece. Although the date i unknown, he lived during the 15th century. He was a contribter to the Atomist Theory. He is said to be the person to say thatthe universe is mde of two different elements which he called "the full" and "Void". He thught that these were to be infinite. He also thought of the theory that atoms are always in motion.


Atoma meanin indivisible(:

Democrittus meaning "The Chosen People" was an acient greek philosopher born in Greece. His dates are unknown, while his mentor was Leucippus. He is beleivedto be " the father of modern science. He beleived that everything resulted from natural laws. He discovered te shape and connectivity between atoms but couldnt get their exact weight. He did not believe some of the other scientists of his time and only believed his own.

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Isaac Newton

Date: January 1642
Discovery: Light and how atoms related

Newton said that matter consisted of atoms and could only be proven by experiments.And that light was composed of atoms. He realized that the reaction of particles was actually atoms interacing. His main theory was that theuniverse was made up of solid masses in motion.